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Wedding Planning

EventMAN Takes Pride in working with the most prestigious institutions in India. We have been a part of the most interesting gatherings and events in the country. Product launch and promotions are our forte. Delivering more than what we promise is our identity. 

Wedding Decoration

We know that Decoration is the most important aspect of a wedding, our creative teams come up with a vast option of themes that will bring your dreams to life. Themed decorations make your photographs more elegant too. We see it as an opportunity to bring your dream wedding set up come true.

wedding decoration

Wedding Photography

People feel good in front of the camera only when you learn to help them feel comfortable being there! It is about infusing them with your passion and educating them about how much they will enjoy the process. — David Beckstead

Our photographers will have a one on one session with you, well before the event to build a friendship and we make it the most joyous experience for you to be in front of a camera

DJ and Light Music

The ambiance is another important pointer that needs to be carefully assessed. Music preference generally changes according to every individual, let us know if you want to be more mellow or party rock. We shall get the best artists in the country for you.

light music

Venue Booking

Booking an event space for a wedding is the most tiresome work of all for you, how would you feel if we can provide you with the best options according to a few well-split categories to make it more clear and easy for you to decide? 


Catering is the talk of marriage for ages, a lip-smacking meal will stay on your guest’s wish list for a long way to go. We have joined hands with the best caterers in the country. We can bet that you would be surprised by the taste they deliver.

welcome girls


From Guest Management to Welcome desks. We will make sure that your guests are pampered well and you can focus on enjoying your best day.

Makeup and Jewellery

Bride and Groom are the centers of attraction of the event. Hence our coordinators will help along your journey from trial makeup to your dream day. 

bridal makeup

Return Gifts

We have a wide range of gifts for you to choose from. Our subsidiary online Gift shops will surprise you with interesting options. We can help the bride and groom in planning surprises for each other.